Blue Dream

Blue Dream Shake in a Jar Lid

When cannabis first went recreational in Montana this past New Year’s, I spent a lot of time googling strains for neurodivergent people. Blue Dream was one of the first ones to catch my eye, and it’s been saved in my favorites on the Leafly app since then. I just haven’t found it, until now. It did a pretty good job living up to the hype. Let’s break it down:

Consumption Method: Dry Herb Vape (Arizer Solo 2)
Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)
Genetics: Blueberry x Haze
Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
Scent:  Blueberries, Sweetness, Earth
Taste:  Blueberries, and Mellow, Light Earth
Feelings: Tingly, Zen, Giggly, Dancey, Droopy
Negative Effects: Munchies

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How Was the High

This was a dreamy and sweet high all around. One of my favorite things is when weed tastes like a real food (see: strawberry cough and apple fritter), so I was really digging the berry flavor. The first thing I felt on my first tasting was a light tingling sensation across my forehead and cheeks. I started to feel very calm, but not sleepy. My jaw began to tingle, and shortly after the giggles followed. I was very squinty and decided to just start making horrible puns and dad jokes about everything on the TV. I also felt the dancing bug take over. It was a very nice even high.

As the evening went on, the high sat in my forehead and face. Then, around the third 15-minute vape session, the Blue Dream hit me like a train and my eyes got very droopy. I couldn’t stop doing the cricket leg stim while watching YouTube on the couch. The echolalia hit pretty nicely. I was just repeating everything on the TV with a weird voice. I thought that was really funny of me. Luckily, my husband was also high so he thought it was funny too. I also at some point decided to draw, but it wasn’t anything special. I drew some weird cats and then abandoned my sketchbook on the floor.

The only unfortunate thing about this first experience is that it did give me the munchies. As someone with a history of eating issues, mindlessly eating pretzels and hummus while swaying is not exactly the best outcome of a weed situation. I ate like, all of them.

I decided the next day to do a test just for executive functioning, since I didn’t really have any responsibilities on test day one. Let me tell you, I think I found a new productivity strain. The first thing that occurred was the anxiety being shoved out of my body. I had a long list of tasks to do, and it made everything less tedious.

This is a good time to talk about setting intentions when you smoke. I usually just smoke and do whatever, but I notice that when I decide what I’m going to do while high and really set those intentions, it makes it easier. The weed is the assist, and the setting of intentions does the most work. Because I decided BEFORE I vaped the blue dream, I was able to do it with ease.

I vocal stimmed constantly during the day, and got through several loads of laundry – washed, dried, AND put away. I did dishes, I ate food, and I wrote a very long blog post. I vaped literally all day and was just crushing tasks like a machine. It was fantastic.

TL;DR – Did it Help Manage My Neurodivergence?

Overstimulation: Yes – Blue Dream has a light calming effect. It was just vibes all the way.
Understimulation: Oh yeah. This one is pretty stimmy, especially vocal stims and rocking.
Executive Function: Oh for sure – I had one my most productive days ever while vaping a toooon of it.
Focusing: Yep – I finished all my tasks with dogged determination. I dialed right in and couldn’t actually stop my own momentum.
Sleep: I didn’t really expect that from this strain, but I did get a pretty decent night’s sleep on one of the days that I vaped it.

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