Montana Silvertip

Montana Silvertip in Arizer Solo 2

Montana Silvertip is available in pretty much every dispensary you walk into in Missoula, so it was inevitable that I would review it. It did originate in Montana after all. This is actually a strain I tried for the first time in January after rec hit, but I didn’t take notes or anything – I just remembered that it tasted a little chocolatey and it felt pretty good. One of the cool things about this strain is that it is specifically listed as a good strain for ADHD/ADD in Leafly. My husband, who is diagnosed with ADHD, can’t get enough of this one. It also happens to be a descendant of a strain I’ve reviewed before! I decided that my readers might be interested to know this, so I re-purchase it and submit this strain to the rigors of a strain review. Let’s break it down:

Consumption Method: Dry Herb Vape (Arizer Solo 2)
Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Super Silver Haze x Grand Daddy Purple
Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
Scent:  Chocolate, caramel, sweet
Taste:  Pine, sweet . . . and grapes? Weirdly strong grape flavor.
Feelings: Relaxed, Uplifted, Tingly
Negative Effects: Not much, slight dry mouth only in high doses

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How Was the High?

I could write a thousand pages of content about how the menstrual cycle affects neurodivergent/autistic people (they/them, please), but for this post I’ll just say it makes everything 100% worse. Prior to vaping Montana Silvertip I was experiencing nausea, cramps, and cold sweats. It was going to be a no-function day, “was” being the key word. This first thing that happened was a general feeling of relaxation and a reduction of pain. My face also got quite droopy. I didn’t feel very tired, but I did have low energy because of my period.

Over the course of two vape sessions, my mood lifted and my face and scalp felt very tingly. This strain did a fantastic job of holding back the nausea. As someone who used to throw up due to my cycle, I very much appreciate this effect. It was also a very functional high, which explains why it’s so good for ADHD.

Continuing the Experiment

Knowing that this strain produces a functional, focused high, I decided to do a little daytime dabbling. Focusing and being present is much, much harder during my period, so I vaped Montana Silvertip in small doses throughout the day. I didn’t even take enough to get high most times. I don’t consume at work, but I tried it during this last cycle, because I wasn’t going to be able to function either way. I work from home, so it was possible for me to do that.

What I found is that when taken in small doses it did help me get my work done. I wasn’t high so my quality of work wasn’t compromised, I just was able to fight through the increase of executive dysfunction and the pain of being on my period.

TL;DR – Did it Help Manage My Neurodivergence?

Overstimulation: Yes – periods are massively overstimulating and this strain helped me through that awful week A LOT.
Understimulation: Yes – positive sensory experiences felt enhanced
Executive Function: YES YES YES – I “microdosed” this strain at work and was able to get work done during a week when I normally can’t do anything
Focusing: YES – took my focus away from my pain and helped me dial in on tasks
Sleep: Also yes! While this was a functional high that didn’t make me sleepy, it should also be noted that not being in pain/nauseated is good for sleep.

Additional Note: I could literally vape this strain ALL DAY and still feel fine and functional. I used this incredibly frequently while testing it and I didn’t really experience any negative effects.

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