April Roundup

April Roundup - Neurodivergent & Stoned

In the past three months, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about cannabis. I’ve learned that it’s necessary to set your intentions before getting high – and that I have a favorite terpene profile. Yes, we’ve finally reached a point where I can confidently say what my favorite terpines are.

If you look at the Hall of Fame, the strains listed there tell a story. The most commonly found terpene is Pinene, which is great for focus and energy. One cool thing about Pinene, is that is may help combat memory loss. It’s an amazing terpene for people with autism and ADHD. Sharing the top spot is Myrcene, which is actually one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis, so this is not a surprise. Myrcene has calming effects that help with overstimulation and the insomnia associated with being neurodivergent. In second place, we have Caryophyllene, which is a really special terpene. It’s the only one that acts as a cannabinoid, which means it activates the endocannabinoid system to provide you with some amazing anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is a huge contributing factor to chronic pain, so Caryophyllene-dominant strains are utilized for pain very frequently. It is also great for anxiety, which helps with overstimulation.

We found some pretty amazing strains in April, so let’s take a look:

The “Who’s Who” This Month

You can click on each strain to get the full review:
Nic the Bruiser: The Meltdown Melter, The Interoceptor
Blue Dream: The Dreamer – The Sweet, Sweet Gigglebush
Super Silver Haze: The Energizer, The Focus Juice, The Corpse Reviver
Montana Silvertip: Hometown Hero, Sweet Grape Cramp Slayer, Mood Lifter
Sugar Cookies: The Dissociator, The Sleepy One

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This category is always hard to select for, since just about every strain is going to provide some level of calm. However, Nic the Bruiser took me from full meltdown to zen master in just a few minutes. Montana Silvertip and Super Silver Haze helped a great deal with the overstimulation that comes with my monthly cycle. They are genetically related, so they can share a spot. And Blue Dream gave me unshakeable good vibes – it really put me up on a cloud of positive energy. Sugar Cookies helped with overstimulation, but not in a way that I liked. It triggered some severe dissociation. I hate to not be decisive here, but as a bisexual I rarely make decisions, so the winners are:
For Meltdowns – Nic the Bruiser
For Zenning Out Through the Pain – Super Silver Haze and Montana Silvertip
For Unshakeable Good Vibes – Blue Dream


Almost every strain I’ve tried enhances good sensations, excpet maybe this month. Sugar Cookies actually increased my need for stimulation to keep myself focused and awake. Nic the Bruiser helped by reducing my need for additional stimulation, which is cool, but not what I’m looking for in this category. This award goes to Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream. Super Silver Haze enabled me to feel pure autistic joy (which is a thing, look it up – it makes me cry happy tears when I feel it). Blue Dream made everything funny, and vocal stimming with this strain is just top tier. Montana Silvertip gets an honorable mention for enhancing the feeling of stims.

Executive Function

This one I can be more definitive in – it’s gotta go to Super Silver Haze and Montana Silvertip as a team. Super Silver is basically Silvertip’s mom, and they both provide excellent functional highs. The difference between them comes down to energy levels. Montana Silvertip is more of a calm, zen type of high that let’s me get through my tasks with a positive, uplifted feeling. Super Silver Haze is an energetic high that made me blast through tasks with some enthusiasm. These are both really awesome ways to function for me, so I can’t choose between them. My monthly cycle usually prevents me from getting ANYTHING done, but I was able to use both of these strains to overcome that. This is a first for me and it’s safe to say I’m on love.


While Super Silver Haze, Montana Silvertip, Blue Dream, and Sugar Cookies all helped me dial in on necessary tasks, this award goes to Super Silver Haze. It gave me an unusually high level of focus without that feeling of dissociation I got with Sugar Cookies. Super Silver Haze can revive me when I’m feeling like zombified corpse. I’ve used it multiple times since posting that initial review and I swear it can cut through any fog I’m swimming through. Montana Silvertip is the runner up for this one. Microdosing this one during work (using it without actually getting high) actually does help me get my tasks done.


I guess I have to give this one to Sugar Cookies, even though I don’t really want to. I do not like the dissociation it causes while I’m awake, but it does put me right down when vaped near bedtime.

Overall Winner:

Super Silver Haze next to Arizer Solo 2

Super Silver Haze, bay-beeeeee. I will probably buy this one every time I see it. I know I can count on the Super Silver Haze to bring my energy levels up and help me get through boring tasks with a smile on my face. There’s a reason it’s won the High Times Cannabis Cup three times.


#1: Super Silver Haze
#2: Montana Silvertip
#3: Blue Dream
#4: Nic the Bruiser
#5: Sugar Cookies

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