March Roundup

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It is wild to realize that my second month of this blog is over, and I’ve got another five strains to assess. That’s 10 different strains in two months – crazy! For the sake of evening the playing field, I am not including edibles in these roundups because they are not strain-specific, but let’s see who we’re working with:

The “Who’s Who” This Month

You can click on each strain to get the full review:
Lemon Lava: Mild Mood Lifter
Apple Fritter: Blissed Out and Giggly
Peyote Critical: Heavy and Tingly
Tangilope: Uplifted and Zen
Euphoria: Euphoric and Dreamy

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Once again, every strain I tried was good for overstimulation, whether they did that by relaxing my body or lifting my mood. I’m going to give this award to Euphoria solely because I just KNOW I’d be able to attend a loud party while using this strain and be fine. It made me almost want to be in that environment. I would also give the award to Peyote Critical simply for the relaxing effects.


Once again, every strain addressed this in different ways. Euphoria, Tangilope, and Apple Fritter all made stimming extremely fun, especially physical and auditory stimming. Peyote Critical took away my need for extra sensory input because it relaxed my brain. I really really enjoyed that first trio of strains, so they will share this award.

Executive Function

This one is pretty easy – Euphoria and Tangilope are the two that helped me get stuff done. The rest either made me too relaxed or too distracted and flighty. This is the first month where I really tried to branch off from just getting a sativa every time so not all of them were even supposed to help in this category. I was a little disappointed in Lemon Lava because it was a sativa but didn’t really help me stay on task.


Once again, only 3 of the 5 strains I tried were even supposed to help with this. Apple Fritter and Peyote Critical are basically barred from competition in this area because that wasn’t the point. Once again, Euphoria and Tangilope are the winners here.


This is my first month exploring this category, because it’s my first month testing Indicas and hybrids. Sleep is a huge problem for neurodivergent people, and I feel like in my life a good night’s sleep is an extreme rarity. I’ve been an insomniac all my life, mostly because the real world doesn’t cater to my weird circadian rhythm. If left to my own devices I would be nocturnal, but instead I work for an East coast company while living in Mountain Time, so I start my days very early. This is a sore spot, but I work in a niche field that is usually a 9-5 thing so there’s no winning right now. Peyote Critical and Apple Fritter, my only non-sativas this round, both gave me some pretty solid sleep. The only issue is that those non-sativas really make me feel like I constantly have to pee, so it’s hard to get to sleep initially. Once I’m there though, I sleep through the night which NEVER happens.

Most Disappointing

This one is unfortunately Lemon Lava. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but it was very middle of the road. It is for sure a mood-lifter, and it did help me get through an active day, but it just wasn’t as good as the other nine strains I’ve tried over the life of this blog.

Overall Winner:

Euphoria Cannabis Bud

Yeah, it’s Euphoria. Out of all the strains that I tried this month, this is THE ONE. I wish I had more of this but I blew through the gram in a few days, that’s how much I liked it. I highly highly highly recommend this one. It had no negative effects (for me) and it is a major mood enhancer. Executive dysfunction, who? I don’t know her. Depression? Never heard of her. Social Anxiety? I forgot what that is. I’m for sure buying more Euphoria when I get the chance.

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2 responses to “March Roundup”

  1. Yay for you! I get a small kick out of each review and roundup. As a neurodivergent (ADHD and Autism) person living in a country that has yet to decriminalise cannibis, I can only get vicarious enjoyment from the weed (ok, very occasionally non-legally obtained…) New Zealand is creeping slowly towards legality. Thanks for posting! You do write thorough assessments that paint a picture of the diversity of the weed imbibing experience.

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