Lemon Lava

Lemon Lava bud on a grinder

I picked this strain because of the word “lemon” in it’s name, because I’ve learned enough to assume this strain would contain some uplifting limonene. Was I right? Uhhh . . . no, but let’s break it down:

Consumption Method: Dry Herb Vape (Arizer Solo 2)
Type: Sativa
Genetics: Lemon Heads x Lava Cake
Terpenes: Myrcene, Pulegone, Bisabolol, Caryophyllene
Scent: Herbal and Citrussy, bright
Taste:  Citrus and Pine, little bit of fruity and minty
Feelings: Generally happy, tingly
Negative Effects: Dry mouth (mild), dry eye (mild), jaw tightness (went away with physical stimming), not very focused

The Terps We Haven’t Encountered Before:

Pulegone: This is a natural compound that is found in cat nip, pennyroyal, and peppermint. Lemon Lava has a very mild minty taste that can be attributed to Pulegone.
Bisabolol: This terpene is found in German chamomile, and is used for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can often find it in skincare.

How Was the High?

The day that I tried Lemon Lava was an incredibly active day for me, with lots of opportunities to become overstimulated. And I did get overstimulated, but I think the day was pretty good overall, thanks to this strain. I vaped it after running several errands and running around downtown, so I was a little worn out. The first thing I noticed, like with pretty much all sativas, was a tingly feeling in my temples and eyes that moved to my cheeks and sinuses and eventually covered most of my face.

I also noticed an elevated mood, even though I was already feeling pretty good. It was a pleasantly light, even high. Perhaps I’m gaining a bit of a tolerance? Either way it was pleasant. My jaw felt tight, but physically stimming helped with that. I wasn’t feeling super stimmy, but I messed with some fidget toys.

Dinner time rapidly approached and I had to force myself to eat despite not feeling hungry. It had been several hours without food so I knew logically that I needed it. I wasn’t very focused on making dinner and my husband ended up doing most of it. The food we made was a bit of a sensory issue (Korean-style lettuce cups from a Home Chef box) but I didn’t mind the liquid dripping down my hands as much. I normally get very anxious touching wet food with my hands, but this wasn’t too bad. I was able to focus on eating it without freaking out.

I decided I needed to test this one some more. We went out for the second time that day (unusual) for a First Friday event. It brought lots of crowds, and I did end up getting overstimulated. I think, despite the high wearing off a little before we got there, that the residual effect of being high helped me stave it off. I was able to go into a few very crowded venues before getting anxious.

When I got home I did a second 15-minute vape session of Lemon Lava. This time I was much more stimmy, and I felt the effects a little stronger. It got into “everything is funny” territory, which I prefer to being overstimulated. Normally I would have gone right to sleep, but I feel like it helped me recover from being overstimulated pretty quickly. On the comedown I felt the need to isolate because every noise was too much, and I was asleep shortly after.

TL;DR – Did it Help Manage My Neurodivergence?

Overstimulation: Yes – this definitely helped me recover from overstimulation faster than normal, and the residual effect of it helped me push myself more in crowded environments.
Understimulation: A little. Stimming did feel quite good, but this didn’t improve positive sensory experiences as much as others. It did improve my mood, but it didn’t prevent boredom.
Executive Function: Not really. I struggled to focus on cooking dinner, but it also didn’t stop me from doing anything. In another scenario it might help, but likely only if I set the task ahead of time.
Focusing: Not really – I was pretty flighty and all over the place.

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