February Roundup

photo collage of cannabis, acapulco gold, sour krypt og, critical neville haze, durban poison, strawberry cough

I tried five different strains of cannabis in February – so where do they rank? Here’s a quick roundup of all the strains I tried, ranked according to how they affected me and the symptoms of my autism and ADHD.

The “Who’s Who” This Month

You can click on each strain to get the full review:
Sour Krypt OG: Energetic and Bubbly
Critical Neville Haze: Happy and Relaxing
Strawberry Cough: Silly and Stimmy
Durban Poison: Head Empty and Focused
Acapulco Gold: Dancing and Smiling


All of the strains that I tried this month were pretty good at preventing overstimulation, but each in their own way. I’m going to say that Critical Neville Haze and Acapulco Gold performed the best in this category because they both provided a nice, even high that made me feel happy and relaxed. I’d say they help me stay on one level without any crazy mood changes, even on the comedown.


All of the strains that I tried did encourage physical stimming, but they were, again, all different. Whereas Acapulco Gold was more of a dreamy dancing stim, other strains cause extremely energetic stimming. For this category, the award goes to Sour Krypt OG and Strawberry Cough. Both of these strains caused the “hyper” variety of stimming. In addition, they made nice textures extremely pleasurable. The physical stimming that I did while using these strains felt euphoric and electric.

Executive Function

This one is where the strains start to separate. Not all of them gave me the motivation to be productive or work on things that my executive dysfunction prevented me from working on. I feel like I also need to be more nuanced in this category. The award for a pleasant and FUNCTIONAL high goes to Acapulco Gold. And I feel like Critical Neville Haze and Sour Krypt OG should get an honorable mention here. When I vaped Acapulco Gold I cooked and did the dishes IMMEDIATELY after. That is unheard of for me. I usually hate doing dishes so the fact that I was able to do it with Acapulco Gold gives that strain a big up for me. Sour Krypt OG and Critical Neville Haze do also allow me to be functional, Acapulco was just better.

A note about Durban Poison: if you have to do a mindless, repetitive task, this one is for you. I zoned out and went nonverbal for 2+ hours, but I also got a ton of crocheting done. This one was so strong that I can’t really say I was functional, I was just really really focused on my single mindless task. I’m honestly afraid to use it again because of how truly powerful that high was. I told my husband he can have the rest if he wants. His tolerance is way way way higher than mine so I think he can handle it.


This one requires some nuance. For the mindless, repetitive tasks, I’d give the award to Durban Poison. It was very much a “no thoughts, head empty” strain though, so it wouldn’t be good for tasks that require thought. For that, I have to give it to Acapulco Gold, for the same reason I mentioned in the Executive Function category.

Overall Winner:

ACAPULCO GOLD! I can’t say enough about this one. It smells amazing, it tastes amazing, it makes me feel like dancing around in the moonlight. I love it so much and will definitely be buying more.

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