Rating and Reviewing Cannabis

I’m on a quest to find the perfect strain to manage my autism and ADHD.

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  • Nic the Bruiser

    Nic the Bruiser

    I selected this strain purely because it was being sold in the Sativa category at the dispensary I went to (Flower in Missoula, MT – I recommend it!). However, when I got it home and started trying to learn more I ran into a problem – conflicting information. This is unfortunately pretty common when looking…

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  • March Roundup

    March Roundup

    It is wild to realize that my second month of this blog is over, and I’ve got another five strains to assess. That’s 10 different strains in two months – crazy! For the sake of evening the playing field, I am not including edibles in these roundups because they are not strain-specific, but let’s see…

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  • Euphoria


    No, I have not watched the TV show, but with a name like Euphoria, I had a feeling this strain would be a good time. I was right – let’s break it down: Consumption Method: Dry Herb Vape (Arizer Solo 2)Type: SativaGenetics: bred from skunk strainsTerpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, PineneScent: floral, woody, smoky, sweet, and skunky – smells deliciousTaste:  skunky, piney, bright,…

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  • Tangilope


    Now, I’m not normally a smoker when it comes to cannabis. I tend to cough a lot with bongs and joints, and I’ve never tried a dab. The dry vape usually gives the perfect experience, allowing me to taste the weed and build a gentle, gradual high. I also don’t cough. However, I was out…

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  • Strawberry Sativa Gummies – Greenhouse Farmacy

    Strawberry Sativa Gummies – Greenhouse Farmacy

    I haven’t really seen strain-specific edibles, and they can be hard to gauge, but I wanted to give this a shout out. If you live in or near Missoula, Greenhouse Farmacy is worth a stop. A lot of the bud I review for this blog has come from there. The staff is very helpful and…

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  • Peyote Critical

    Peyote Critical

    Can I learn to like Indica? Whenever I go to a dispensary, I’m sure to let the budtender know that I cannot stand couchlock. The budtender assured me that Peyote Critical was “kinda weird” and “not like other Indicas”. He said it gives a nice body high without toasting your brain. Leafly, however, tells another…

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