Strawberry Sativa Gummies – Greenhouse Farmacy

Strawberry Sativa Gummies

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I haven’t really seen strain-specific edibles, and they can be hard to gauge, but I wanted to give this a shout out. If you live in or near Missoula, Greenhouse Farmacy is worth a stop. A lot of the bud I review for this blog has come from there. The staff is very helpful and friendly, and I trust their recommendations. They’re also one of the more affordable dispensaries in the area. Let’s look at the stats on these bad boys:

Type: Sativa
Potency: 5mg per gummy advertised, container says it tested 7.78mg per gummy. 155.6mg per container.
Flavor: Strawberry with a little green flavor in there (they do taste like weed, but I like that about it)
Texture: Soft and pillowy, didn’t get stuck in my teeth which is a huge bonus. Gummies tend to bother my sensory issues, but this was a great texture.
Cost: $36 (very affordable for someone who can’t handle more than one of these at a time)

How Was the High?

Okay, I’ll admit to being a lightweight – ESPECIALLY when it comes to edibles. I have a really hard time with them usually. In this instance, I was on my period and in horrible pain. I also felt very nauseous and just generally terrible. My husband brought these home for me in the hopes that at the very least they would put me to sleep so I wouldn’t feel so miserable anymore. I was in a very bad state before taking one of these.

Like smoking sativas, the high mostly stayed in my face with tingly sensations. It helped A LOT. It lifted my sour mood, got rid of the nausea completely, and made the cramps more bearable. It didn’t take the pain away completely, but I for sure felt more like a human being after. This is from one 7.78mg dose.

Of course being a lightweight after about an hour I was belligerently high. I still felt good but I was beyond the high I normally get for my reviews on this blog, that is for SURE. I have taken them a few more times, each instance taking a single gummy. These fuck me up but in a way that feels good to me. Definitely NOT a functional high but it is a pleasant one.

When they wear off, the sleepiness hits me LIKE A TRUCK. These made me sleep the hardest I have ever slept. I have taken them on three different days, and each time I had an incredible amount of sleep. Like 10/10 had crinkled sheet marks all over my face SLEEP. I rarely get that.

Overall, excellent gummies. I’m a fan of the Moxley’s mints and these I would say are better. 10/10 would purchase again. I want to go back and try their other flavors.

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