Rating and Reviewing Cannabis

I’m on a quest to find the perfect strain to manage my autism and ADHD.

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  • Holodeck Jesus

    Holodeck Jesus

    Holodeck Jesus When I walked into Dancing Goat Gardens, I really wasn’t intending to buy anything – this trip was for Zack. But I have to say, their wall of strains got me. I saw the name “Holodeck Jesus” and immediately got excited before I actually read the description. It turned out to be a…

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  • Features of My Favorite Dispensaries That Make Life Easier For Autistic Stoners

    Since legalization, I’ve gone to several dispensaries in the pursuit of specific strains and more affordable bud. As an autistic person, I’m not just weed shopping – I’m also screening the dispensary itself for a neurodivergent-friendly atmosphere. There are a handful of places that I prefer going to, and I’ve identified a few reasons why.…

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  • My Strain Wish List – What I Want to Smoke in the Second Half of 2022

    I think over the course of this blog I have done a pretty good job establishing what works for me – but can I predict how strains I’ve never tried will work on me? I put Blue Dream on my wish list at the very start of legalization, and it ended up being just as…

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  • Autistic Stoner Tips – Enjoying Carts

    Autistic Stoner Tips – Enjoying Carts

    Carts, also called dab pens, are not a joke. The most important thing to remember is that carts = dabs. They are very strong, and they can really knock you on your ass if you’re uninitiated. However, there are ways to use them very effectively. In fact, I’m using a cart of the strain XJ-13…

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  • Autism + Weed – Tips for Creating a Positive Experience

    I have been consuming cannabis in various forms (and levels of legality) since 2013, but I only started doing my research and approaching the topic scientifically for the last year, year and a half. I’ve had some fantastic experiences with cannabis (most as a result of writing for this blog), but I’ve also had some…

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  • April Roundup

    April Roundup

    In the past three months, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about cannabis. I’ve learned that it’s necessary to set your intentions before getting high – and that I have a favorite terpene profile. Yes, we’ve finally reached a point where I can confidently say what my favorite terpines are. If you look at…

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